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Finally started Ace Combat 7 and oh lawdy it's so good

wonder what a kojima-less boktai would be like
alternatively i wonder what a kojima studios "it's not boktai we promise wink wink nudge nudge" would look like

death stranding takes place on a hill in wales, very cool

I wish I could toggle subtitles on by default in Blu-ray's and DVDs on my PS4 instead of having to menu crawl every time

Determined to get back to Virtue's Last Reward. It will happen. You can't stop me.

OLED black themes in mobile apps remind me of Windows Phone and it's really comfy

Oh shit so Pixelfed is like Instagram but not completely evil and ruined by ads and big corp? Sold!

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Fellas let's say you're moving to another continent to try to start a new life there. What would you pack with you? I only have 20 days left and I'm starting to panic

I have trouble completing games, even games that I like. After a few hours I feel too drained to carry on playing and eventually I just never pick them back up again.
How can I get better at completing games? I'd like to complete maybe one each month so I can work through my back log.

Finally went ahead and consolidated all my websites and databases onto a single server. Feels much better.

nintendo don't read this 

Big need to play a TTRPG lately but I don't wanna GM.

Started watching Battlestar Galactica again.

ffxiv erpers 

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