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Completely forgot they had remastered The Last Remnant. What a cool game.

Every time I play Monster Hunter World I feel like I'm playing it completely wrong.

@Dusky Yeah, I saw that, hopefully the offer sticks around until I can get a job lol :P

Want to get back to Destiny 2 for a bit but I simply can't afford any of the DLC right now

@celesteh The whip is wrapped around them and when removed it is sharply tugged, causing the MP to spin comically out of a window in Westminster as it unravels.

No judgement against people who hate-watch things, I just wish I had the spoons to think that was even a feasible pastime for me.

You do you, but when something hits all the wrong buttons for me I'm cutting it out of my life, not subscribing.

Someone has been circulating this photo of me on Discord and it needs to stop

Really dislike the Manjaro logo but I like Manjaro a lot

@baronvonjace @venatus RuneScape Classic is RS1 and is dead now, but OSRS is RuneScape 2 and is still going so it still works. :blobsmilehappy:

@SquirrelLilly Yes yes yes! It feels much more Metal Gear than MGSV down to the fullscreen codec call-style conversations.

tech question 

@WagonStar my future funk is too funky for you, listener, you can't handle my future funk

I have a group interview soon and I'm bricking it

My niece calls her android tablet her iPad.
My mom and stepdad call their windows tablet their iPad.

@wigglytuffitout I just woke up and this took me longer than I'm willing to admit before I realised this was Minecraft and not a pixelated map of western Europe.

@celesteh sorry if i blew up your notifications just now with favourites

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