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mh question, help identifying symptom 

@MmeLibertine thanks, I'm doing my best

@baronvonjace Sure thing, I haven't tried it on mobile firefox myself because I use Tusky, so hopefully it works the same way :)

@baronvonjace I don't know about apps but I know that if you use Mastodon in the browser you can install ublock as an extension for firefox mobile and it should work the same way

@baronvonjace This annoyed me too so I added a rule in ublock to block the notice when it shows up.

It's too hot to play games but I really want to play more Ni no Kuni 2 aaaahhhh

@halcy sort of reminds me of the maverick virus from mega man

13 reasons why, ~opinions~ 

It boggles my mind that this horrendous, damaging show got a second season, never mind a fuckin third one.

@neh people who post a thread of 15 long toots in a row

The private server I run is doing a summertime event and we turned the main hub to night time and set up a cute Japanese market and fish scooping for tokens.

All ice cream should be mint and if you disagree my advice to you personally is don't

@toffy I like them, they're colourful. I think as long as there's a tooltip that says exactly what the buttons do (even though they're right above a tree that tells you what each one is) they'll be fine

@KBY30 I once used it to send a message to Ashens a decade ago. He never got it so I met him at a convention and told him what I had said in the message in person lol

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