Here is a picture of my 2B glamour before I promise never to talk about Nier Automata ever again on here.

Just found this old Animal Crossing Pocket Camp screenshot.

If anyone is curious (nobody is curious) I literally ended up pulling a 9S and remote hacked my PS4 for infinite end credits HP to get ending E to spite yoko taro.

I love the story, world and gameplay, but the way it gets presented to the player is total horse shit. Don't even @ me.

Glad I wasted 30 hours on Nier Automata only to find that I can't get the final ending without clearing impossible bullet hell since my PS4 can't go online.

They offered me the job and it's not just as a temporary position! :amaze:

Just played some Drakengard for the first time since I was a kid. There's a sort of unique shittiness to it that I'm really enjoying. No I can't explain that.

@maloki yeah it's pretty lame cause I could really do with the money I could have got from these 2 weeks lol, but I found out I was the only one that passed the interview stage so that's not so bad I guess

@maloki They left me a voicemail asking me to call them (I don't know why they didn't just say in the voice mail) and then didn't answer the phone 4 times over the course of an hour and a hald so I just went there on schedule lol

Turns out they postponed it for 2 weeks. 😳

En route to the induction for my new job. 😳

Calling lasagne "noodles" is fucked up

@suivran just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right!!

@suppi Yeah, it should work pretty fine under wine. You need to run it in Shift-JIS locale though. Someone was working on a Lutris script for it but they haven't finished it yet

Is it really a free trial if you have to put your payment information in a month before they ask you to pay them?

Started the free Netflix trial yesterday and today my account has been completely broken into and all the details changed. Very cool. Very, very cool.

Been playing Sonic Forces and frankly it doesn't deserve the low review scores at all. Don't even @ me

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