Here is a picture of my 2B glamour before I promise never to talk about Nier Automata ever again on here.

Just found this old Animal Crossing Pocket Camp screenshot.

My friend bought the PC version of Panzer Dragoon from the CEX website but they sent him this instead.

Someone has been circulating this photo of me on Discord and it needs to stop

The private server I run is doing a summertime event and we turned the main hub to night time and set up a cute Japanese market and fish scooping for tokens.

I guess he just found this hat lying around somewhere

ffxiv erpers 

Started reading Green Lantern and Green Arrow. Arrow is actually a really good character as it turns out, it's a shame they didn't do him justice in the show.

Some tinkering with Lutris and DXVK later et voila!
Final Fantasy XI on a PS4.

Took nearly as long as the game has been out to install but we're nearly at the final hurdle.

Update on FFXI on PS4:
PlayOnline installed and updating, FFXI taking it's sweet time to install because of the atrociously slow USB drive Linux is running off.

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