More .hack stuff. I've been working on an Altimit OS webapp in my spare time. It's nothing special but I'm proud of it so far.

I finally got my hands on the beta disc for .hack//fragment aaaahhhhhhh

Someone just tried to tell me the MMO from .hack used VR tech (it doesn't) with this as their argument.
Don't recall any instances of people getting their consciousness stuck in VRchat, personally.

My friend bought me a Zelda poster for secret santa and I finally got round to putting it up above my desk. :triforce:

Recently been playing some Ragnarok Online for something relaxed to click on when I don't have the spoons for games with lots of story. Never really got into this game before now but it's very charming.
The user base seems friendly too.

I watched this Gordon Ramsay answers cooking questions from Twitter video and apparently the person who was editing in the little twitter-style popups couldn't be bothered to look up how Worcestershire is spelt.

It might not have the best stats but I finally got one of my favourite Pokémon after months.

Pokémon Go turned me into a guy today and it won't let me change back and frankly the game is now unplayable.

Here are some pictures I took of things looking very Autumnal while on walks in the past couple of weeks.

Here is a picture of my 2B glamour before I promise never to talk about Nier Automata ever again on here.

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