My manager giving me a long speech about why horizon zero dawn was a terrible boring shitty game after I mentioned I loved it was, surprisingly I'm sure, not the highlight of my day.

@alkalime I'm willing to bet that most of the reasons given were bad, too. :P

@RobsteinOne "the boring main character", "the empty world", "the mind numbing story", yep, all completely wrong lol

@alkalime lol, wow. Did they not play Horizon? Or not play past the first few side missions? :P

@alkalime And I mean, like, "empty world" is objectively incorrect, lol

@RobsteinOne he said he completed the story which is honestly baffling, I don't know if he didn't listen to any of the audio logs or anything like that but I thought the story was incredible. He kept telling me that I should play the Witcher 3 instead. Eye roll

@alkalime I mean to each their own but I just can't understand "Horizon is more boring than Witcher 3" as a base concept.

@RobsteinOne right, a big selling point for me is getting to play as a strong female character in a world that isn't basic sci-fi or basic fantasy. The Witcher 3 and horizon are apples and oranges, genre aside lol

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