I started playing on a FFXI private server again and I really miss sitting in front of the TV playing it like a console game like I used to do a few years ago (I never got to play it on the PS2 originally though).

This week's project has been to install Linux on my hacked PS4. After that, install Wine, then FFXI, and play a PC port of a PS2 game on a PS4!

So far I've got Linux and Wine installed, next up, installing the game.

Update on FFXI on PS4:
PlayOnline installed and updating, FFXI taking it's sweet time to install because of the atrociously slow USB drive Linux is running off.

Took nearly as long as the game has been out to install but we're nearly at the final hurdle.

Some tinkering with Lutris and DXVK later et voila!
Final Fantasy XI on a PS4.

@alkalime whoa
Do you keep your normal ps4 firmware? Is this dual boot?

@Kin It all runs off a USB drive, you go to a website on the PS4 browser and it runs the exploit to boot from the USB. Nothing on the PS4 is touched.

@eightbitsamurai Yeah lol I love this game, it never gets old for me

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