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I got home from the walk I was on where I took this call and slept for hours to recharge.
It went well actually, I think I was convinced that there was going to be a boogeyman where there wasn't. The person on the phone was really professional and supportive.
I have to wait another 3-4 months for my second appointment but after 4 years another 4 months is basically nothing.

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In 4 and a half hours I have my first appointment with the gender clinic. It took 4 years of waiting to get this first appointment and because of all the current goings on its being done over the phone.
I hope it goes well.

Just need to hit targets once more at work and I'll have accumulated enough store credit to get FF7R for free when it comes out. :ablobblewobbleslow:

Spilt a pint of water all over my desk like the stupid fucking oaf I am.😊

SEGA please release time crisis and house of the dead vr games before the end of my lifetime but not so late that I don't get to play them for the rest of my life

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nsfw joke, ff7, don't open 

Gonna try the ff7r demo on classic mode today

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Has anyone else noticed Google Play refusing to download apps while behind a VPN? Hate this.

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