If you see ?utm_source and a bunch of other gibberish at the end of a shared URL, go ahead and just take off everything starting with the ?

This is Google Analytics tracking information.

@alice I hate how my browser doesn't show the whole URL until highlighted, so many times i've already copied and pasted it before noticing that thrash. Also if I see it and select the address without thrash, the protocol is not copied and the link won't paste neatly. Thus I must first remove the thrash and reload the page before copying. Annoyingly complicated.

But I do it whenever I notice this.

@alice Hmmm, it'd be interesting if my browser did that for it's surfers.

@alice sometimes I just change it to =Mastodon


@alice Yes! One of those things that I assume everyone knows, and have to be reminded that I'm wrong.

@alice In X, install `xclip` (or tweak for `xsel`) and map a keyboard key to

xclip -o -selection clipboard | sed 's/&*\<utm_[^&]*//g;s/[&?]*$//' | xclip -i -selection clipboard

to take a URL on the clipboard and discard all utm_* parameters.

@alice Only edge-case I was able to find is if the "utm_*" came in the path of the URL rather than the parameters. E.g.

@alice Tbh it's not super important? The bulk of the tracking information is collected by the GA script loaded on the page you're opening. the utm_source thingie is the smallest detail, allowing to track "campaigns", say, whether someone came from an e-mail newsletter, or a twitter post. Having ad/tracker blockers is a lot more effective than worrying about the utm stuff in the URL imo

@Gargron Oh totally. I was more trying to educate on what that jibberish was.

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