5% Bard
10% Cleric
15% Wizard
20% Artificer
25% Sorcerer
25% Warlock

And I can pretend to be a Paladin but it's really just all my other classes in a trench coat.

Real talk I mostly identify as Warlock in most cases. Warlock main in WoW for example.

@djsundog Oh for sure. I'm actually over here trying to figure out the % of each that I am 🤣

@alice Was sure I'd be the paladin but after reading all of them I'm clearly the DM.

@magicalmilly @alice If you're all the classes, you're a DM.

We accept you, one of us.

@alice I'm a rogue. No spellcasting myself, but I can Use Magic Device!

@alice wizard, but I'm slowly getting in touch with my druid side.

@alice @LexYeen On the one hand, definitely wizard

But on the other warlock is DEFINITELY calling me out

@alice cleric with druid subclass, who is not mad, just disappointed that he didn't finish his paladin training yet.

@alice 4 levels in ranger, 2 in sorcerer, 2 in warlock (for the cats!)

and like yes I literally always have snacks on hand

OCR Output (chars: 840) 

@alice alt only goes as far as halfway through warlock on my mouseover. also OCRbot tries *really hard* but, uh. XD

@troodon grrr. I definitely typed the whole thing out and pasted it in. *humph*

@alice *nodnod* the image caption system on mastodon is--yay it exists! yay it's pretty good and is being worked on! but um, well, not perfect! :] and thank you for captioning the image, I do appreciate it very much! 💚 💚

transcription of post 

@alice i think I'm mostly cleric, some sorcerer, and a touch of druid

@alice Adding the rogue class:

-Quiet until you get close to them
-stolen food tastes better
-always broke

@alice Artificer/Paladin, apparently. (Also, what kind of literally fake class is "Artificer," anyway???)

@alice I identify most with the cleric in this case though

@alice i’m all of these except paladin. wizard on main tho.

@alice not sure how to feel about this but I think warlock
@alice Paladin, probably. But I'm not really sure.


What my friends think I am: Wizard.
What my parents think I am: Druid
What I think I am: Cleric
What I actually am: Ranger

@alice druid, but haven't been practising the baking enough lately...
Srsly though, not many druids in here? I'm disappointed at the fedi. Y'all need to value your yeast more. Someone has to make the snacks.

@alice okay i expected ranger, that checks out, but apparently also warlock? But of course i would multiclass.

@alice I am almost a cleric, but then I'm a wizard instead. Can we dual-class please?

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