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I'm mostly here to talk about things like .

My politics are pretty far to the left, but I'm 97% not here to talk about politics (unless you're being mean, in which case I'll say "Hey, don't be mean.")

I'm a nerdy middle-aged lady who's been playing since the golden age of arcades. These days I mostly play I buy on sale.

I've written a couple of small games for the with .

🕹️ 💻 🎮

Do you all know that is on Epic's game store until March 7th? You have to create an account, and it looks like you have to use a Steam-like front end from Epic, but on the other hand here's a fantastic point and click for free.

More info:

More games! For the next 24 hours or so is giving away Deluxe Edition for Windows (sorry, this offer doesn't seem to be available for Mac or Linux).

I haven't played it yet, but it's described as "a 2D psychological horror adventure game for PC," and has a Metascore of 76%. And at the price of , well... 🙂 👍 🕹️


God help me, I've invested over four hours of my life into 1990's FMV mystery adventure The 7th Guest.

In many ways it is horrible--low res FMV, bad bad acting, either overly simple or logically baffling puzzles--but I can't seem to stop.

It was the future of gaming:

Trying to get to my backlog of games, and there are a few point and click games I've been looking forward to. 2016's looks great, as WE games always do. They do amazing things with pixels. And I'm not finding the solutions too frustrating or confusing, and point and clicks can be prone to being. Even while I'm mulling over solutions to proceed, the environments are a joy to look at on their own. ❤️

Also: The offer includes Windows (7, 8, 10), Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04), and Mac OS X (10.9.0+) versions!

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More games from GOG. They're giving away the 2015 First-Person Survival Horror game SOMA for a limited time. I don't know much about this title, and I tend to be a bit skittish for survival horror, but hey, it's free! It looks like it got 80's-90's when it was reviewed as a new release. 👍

The offer is on's front page.

Now that I've got my NESClassic modded, and I've had time to play around with a bunch of different emulators on it, I've finally settled down to play. So here are some of the games I am playing right now:

Devil's Crush (TurboGrafx-16) - Video pinball with a demonic theme, and surreal little demon soldiers (and other things) that march around the board--exploding when your pinball hits them. Boss levels, shootouts, and everything you never thought pinball could be.

I already miss ! 😭

(I know, I know, New Year's. But still, after that it'll be long.)

That embarrassing moment when you're browsing a gaming website's sale, and get excited to see an old favourite on sale--only to realize you already own it, having bought it at last year's sale, and haven't got around to playing it yet. :blobnerd:

Hey video game kids, is giving away LucasArts' 1995 point and click adventure Full Throttle for FREE! You need an account, but that's easy enough.

The game is the remastered version, but if it's like any of the other LucasArts 90's remasters there's a mode to use the (highly preferable, cough) original graphics. Anyway, go get it! FREE!

The offer is on GOG's front page:

Now that I've seen the finale, Doctor Who, season 11 rated by episode. Looking forward to New Year's Day!:

The Woman Who Fell To Earth - A-
The Ghost Monument - B-
Rosa - A+
Arachnids in the UK - B
The Tsuranga Conundrum - C+
Demons of The Punjab - A+
Kerblam! - A/A+
The Witchfinders - B
It Takes You Away - A-
The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos - B+

(Please put any comments with spoilers behind a CW.)

So, it seems hacking the is so easy even I could do it! While it was fun playing 30 classic games, playing BAZILLIONS of classic games is even better.

Say someone had access to roms from before the dark days and the fall of emuparadise, what games did the NES mini miss with the original 30 games, and what should they install on their system?

Bonus question: Including SEGA Master System games?

Doctor Who, season 11, by episode. IMO, so far:

The Woman Who Fell To Earth - A-
The Ghost Monument - B-
Rosa - A+
Arachnids in the UK - B
The Tsuranga Conundrum - C+
Demons of The Punjab - A+
Kerblam! - A/A+

(Please put any comments with spoilers behind a CW.)

TBH, my experience so far...

Fallouts 1+2:

a. Spend inordinate amount of time on character creation, where I find myself wondering what my choices say about my body insecurities.
b. "Oh, shit, how many moves do I have to get away from this ant... shit."

Fallouts 3+:

a. See previous point a.
b. "God I hate running across this empty landscape forev--oh, shit, I just got killed by a giant bee."

Lately the only games I want to play are Freedom Force ('02) and its sequel, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich ('05).

Though not my usual kind of games--they're a mix of RPG, squad-based combat, and hybrid RTS/turn based action--the depth of story and character development has me hooked. I'm in awe of the love and effort put into creating an entire alternate Silver Age universe.

They're often on sale at GOG for cheap (the Steam version is broken, avoid it!).

Unsung Heroes of Rock History: The guy whose job it was to hand Freddie Mercury his mic stand when Freddie sat up from the piano, and then take it back when Freddie sat down again.

They've added a lot since I've last checked. Seems like modern Russian movies, too.

And apparently the late-70's/early-80's was a golden age for Soviet TV productions of Sherlock Holmes!

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