anyone have recommendations for asymmetrical and/or co-op horror games? I've already played Deceit, Dead by Daylight, and Phasmophobia...looking for some new ones to get into

binding of isaac: repentance spoilers 

i FINALLY unlocked bethany today. i've been playing tboi on and off since the dlc came out because of how bad i've been losing (literally was on a -30 winstreak before I won a single game!!) but i had TWO WINS today! well, one win and one where i got to the chest, killed ??? and died to mega satan. i'm still divided on how i feel about the dlc because of the insane difficulty, but i'm glad to finally unlock one of the new characters at least!

honestly constantly blown away by the difficulty of tboi: repentance. like seriously HOW am i supposed to do this!! i thought i was good but i'm on a frickin -20 win streak :( i'll just stick to watching NL until mod support comes back and i can make the game easier through mods

played some elite dangerous today for the first time WOW space is hard to navigate

Anyone have a good guide on setting up Thief on Linux? Preferably with TFix...

anyone know good trivia sites for 1v1ing friends that aren't sporcle? had some issues doing showdowns with a friend on sporcle so lookin for an alternative

learning about how fantasy grounds works so i can possibly participate in some tabletop games. always been generally uninterested in playing ttrpgs online but fantasy grounds seems like a neat solution to the issues i had with the medium

finally almost have woodcutting to level 99 on Melvor Idle!!!

hello everyone, i'm ellie and i'm new here (by here i mean to mastodon in general). i'm a trans woman and a huge linux nerd. pleasure to be here!

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