Hey, you know what ISN'T VC funded, has a clear business model, has patreon/other integrations, a free tier, and is basically 99% the same ux as discord (still awful but I guess people like awful)?


Build your community on slack.

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A venture capital funded company with no opaque profitable business model, exists to swallow personal information and is either selling that now or will be scooped up by whomever buys them.

And it has shit UX in general.

Why do so many people WANT to have their community there?

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Pretty livid at discord.

Shitty platform locks my account until I give them a phone number.

My gvoice phone number I use for companies who demand private information is not good enough for them.

I open a support ticket and get an automated response that "once requested, phone number verification is irreversible".

I relent and enter my phone number. Once my account has been unlocked, I go into settings and see that I'm allowed to remove my number.
So I do.

Discord relocks my account.
Now I cannot use that phone number because "it has been used with another account".

I am beyond annoyed. Discord is bad for so many reasons- and I hate that a large number of good communities have chosen it as their home.

I read about "ceramic mouse feet" years ago and was intrigued, but could never find them.
Until today!
Apparently gamerz call mouse feet "skates" and "ceramic skates" was the secret search term.
God I hate "gamer" marketing.

But I don't hate these! My mouse was not an ideal candidate, but this arrangement ended up balanced enough.

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there is for sure a pattern of behavior that makes me not super excited at literally any corporate acquisition because I have no examples of it making the end product better or even keeping the end product consistently the same quality.

but also discord never actually produced the quality it was promising. like I started using it pretty early on and it felt like 90% promise that just never turned up.

so who cares who owns it? you can't ruin something that was never good to begin with.

My old plasma TV has this physically actuated power switch that, when pressed, prevents it from being able to wake by IR remote. And also disables the red LED standby light.

But I recently measured the power draw while it's "off" and it pulls 20W regardless.

One would THINK that power button would be there to, I don't know, disconnect the powerโ€ฝ Why on earth would I simply want to make the tv inconvenient to power on?

Every time I look at the list of new mods for Breath of the Wild I see "aoc mod" and my first reaction is always "someone modded Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into botw?"

Huh, the DS3's analog buttons are pretty accurate. Neato

"I wonder where that wasp went" I ask myself as I put on my pants.

As a user of for some decades, there are a few things about discord that really stick in my craw.

For the sake of brevity, I'll just talk about a minor but persistent annoyance: an over-eagerness of young moderators to have a channel for every possible subject... and compulsively corral all conversations from where they're happening to their "correct" location.

Dear discord admins/mods: Create channels sparingly. Most should be topically broad. Accept that conversations are fluid and will spill over into other topics. Let it happen. There's no particular reason to immediately enforce a conversation move channels, unless it's a heated or sensitive subject. Conversions should absolutely be bumped to a more appropriate channel if you feel they've gone on "too long"- I'm not saying never do it.

But it feels like the "norm" around discord moderation is to be compulsively overbearing.

Ugh, I'm trying to put off replacing my old phone, which I still love.

But the battery has taken a turn for the worse, AND google play services decided to be shitty and is draining extra juice for no damn reason.


Maybe it is just time for a new phone.

Bored- posting my tidy righty setup.

I keep trying to imagine a way to integrate a keyboard and trackball/touchpad such that I don't have to leave home row...
The best concept I can come up with is just having one of those keyboard nubs or a tiny gesture-less touchpad somewhere. Just to reduce the need to leave home row for at least some contexts.

Like sending this toot! I'm sure there's a keyboard shortcut I don't know, but...

I love these magnetic USB charging cable doodads but why are they never available in mini USB?!

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so many "realism" shader mods. did you know you can make a video game to not look realistic? and it can enhance the mood you're going for? it's true!

I pushed a button so hard I both damaged the button mechanism and also pushed it right off the dang pcb.
A few hours of frustration later...

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