That feeling when you drop a banana on the ground but it's ok because you just vacuumed

the response I got was unkind 

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Give me the social grace and restraint to not tell this fool, "I don't have the time or the crayons to explain this to you".

I tried to program a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ macro on my keyboard's firmware, but apparently windows/mac can't just accept unicode from USB out of the box.

A sad bleak future we live in.

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ppl on birb site talking about international lesbian day, buddy im dating a girl on the other side of the atlantic ocean, every day of my life is international lesbian day

Finally got around to emulating Breath of the Wild. Glorious 4K60! And also, Linkle!

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@eightbitsamurai Christ if a game is over 10 hours I'm over it nowadays

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God the comments saying Indivisible is too short at 30 fucking long do games have to be. At this point the only games that I'll put more than 30 hours into are ones by Yoko Taro, Dragon Quests, and multiplayer shit. Everything else is just overstaying its welcome.

Game devs. I promise you. The gamers are wrong. Your gameplay loop is not fun enough to hold up for 50+ hours.

Do people still resent paying money for mobile apps?

I remember it used to be a big thing, people refused to pay even $0.99 for any app. I don't really go to forums/reddit anymore so I don't know if that's something many still feel strongly about.

welp a few games later and I have uninstalled overwatch. The current meta is not fun, and role queue has broken everything I liked about the game.

OK Aelius, you just spent $80 on Code Vein, and you now officially hate Overwatch. What are you going to do tonight?
* starts battlenet launcher *

My time with Valkyria Chronicles summarized in one picture

Should I have cw'd this... even though the cw would mention food as much as the post does?

Is there a food I can much on indefinitely that I cannot overeat and make myself sick on?

Need to know for a friend

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I found this yesterday. If both Neil's can have impostor syndrome, then yeah, there aren't any grown-ups. 💙

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