Here's hoping that OverWatch 2 is just OverWatch, but without Hanzo.

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@aelius Oh, lucky you! That's a cool piece of hardware to transmit from father to son. 'Fast Food'? Thanks for the suggestion; I'll probably try to find video about it on Youtube before I can put my hand on a cartridge :) I have only 'volleyball' and 'football' for now 😂

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Blizzard has finally done it. They actually ruined Overwatch this time.

I fucking hate the new overwatch update and I'm out of scotch

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@aelius definitely, it's also the perfect chance to release a new house of the dead or something, VR is the final form of the lightgun game

Just occurred to me VR should be used to recreate arcade cabinets like Time Crisis.

It'd be an easy way to keep the games alive, sidesteps having to create controller accessories that stop working every time TVs update their display tech.

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Netflix suggests Rocko's Modern Life to me, but I had to manually SEARCH for Invader Zim?

Netflix, you do not know me.

Browsing amazon's store consumes more battery than video playback.


Not having the location enabled in the first place has given me considerable peace of mind.

I should have disabled "save location in photo" years ago.

I have referenced a photo's location exactly 0 times since this became a thing, but everyday I take pains to remove location from photos I share online- or wonder if I should remove it from pictures I send to friends.

Fitbit died, don't want to buy a smartwatch because I'm just going to crush it (literally). Almost forgot I had this shine. 5 years old, still works perfectly, made of metal and will survive my less soft bits. Easier for me to wear than a watch.

Great product @misfit

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Which is not to say "over-analyzing what is not there" is necessarily bad- your interpretation of art is significantly informed by your experiences- no one consumes media in a vacuum and the same piece of media will mean different things to different people.

But when you're trying to present a critical analysis of a work, "this piece of work is saying xyz"; that's a different ballgame.

I had just had a thought - A lot of fan theories are effectively exercises in conspiracy thinking.

Strong convincing presentation, little substance. The case is made compelling by exploiting the way we humans think. Example: Priming your audience with a specific interpretation, then referencing an ambiguous scene outside of its full context.

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