I dunno if this mobile client is right for me. It keeps notifying me of the same activity over and over. What mobile client are folks on iOS using for this platform?

@_Scopique I never leave my desk so I haven't looked at mobile clients yet. 😂​ I do miss the angled laughing/crying emoji though.

@_Scopique I'm using "Toot!". It costs like $4 or so.

@_Scopique I am just using what came up when I searched for Mastodon. It is ok, but I get notifications for reblog and faves so it doubles up when people do both. Think I will change settings to drop notification on one of the two.


@_Scopique I’be been flopping between the default Mastodon (which isn’t great) and Mercury (which is much more customizable).

Mercury seems to have some issues as well here and there but I like the most out of the available free options I’ve tried.

@_Scopique you might want to see if you like it here before buying an app. The only downside is no notification.
Works for me because I like to engage on my own terms but you might actually want that feature! Would recommend Toot! then

@Dusky I’m tooting from it now! It worked well. I’ll stick with this for a bit and see how it feels. Thanks again for the suggestion.

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