Have to go back to the office 2x a week starting tomorrow. I am NOT HAPPY.

@_Scopique I'm tagged as a work from home full time worker, but I want to go in a couple days a week just to hang out on days when I have a lot of meetings and don't have to do a lot of programming. I learn so MUCH of what is going on with other teams from incidental conversations in the office.

@_Scopique we recently started that, but my team has to be on site regularly, so we've been going back a while. It was great when no one was around. :P

@_Scopique so far this has not happened for us but we are all sorta waiting on the other shoe to drop here

@belghast ended up not being as confrontational an experience as i had been anticipating.

@Tipa @belghast yeah every Tuesday and Thursday. I expect that it will eventually try for all week but that might be “suggested” but not mandated. At least we get to work from home on Monday and Friday (and Wednesday, but that’s more of a speed bump than anything)

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