Greetings my adventurous friends! Welcome to the sensational adventures of !

When we last saw our hero(ine?), she was poised to take on the second dungeon of the dark world, the Swamp Palace. Let's see how she does!

New week, new Zelda!

And this week, is gonna be on a different update schedule. Instead of having it all on one day or two, I'll be spreading out her adventure across the week in a slow trickle.

As usual, the whole chapter will be a single thread, so you can read the whole thread to catch up.

Now, where were we?

Ah, yes, just outside the Palace of Darkness...

Hello! This weekend the update came a bit late, but better than never!

Today in , our hero sets out to explore her first dungeon in the dark world: The Palace of Darkness.

Let's journey onward!

Welcome to the thrilling adventures of !

As our hero finds herself in the Dark World, no longer in bunny shape, she thinks of the perils ahead. There's a trapped Lord in the Palace of Darkness and today she is going to rescue him.

Today is an important day for . With pendants in hand, she should be able to claim the Master Sword and vanquish the evil wizard Aghanim.

On to it!

Hello, Zelda believers! Today in , our hero is going to be venturing into the third dungeon, the mountain tower, or the Tower of Hera. This is her last stop before going for the Master Sword, so let's follow along and see how she fares in this ongoing adventure.

Hello fans of actual Zelda! Welcome to another thrilling episode of !

Today Zelda is still getting used to her new power and being all buff and stuff. She's gonna tour around Hyrule again and leave no figurative nor literal stone unturned as she seeks out treasure and adventure.

Happy new year!

Today in , our oft-mentioned hero is going to explore her second dungeon, the desert palace, which very fittingly, seems to totally be embracing that desert vibe with sand everywhere and what not.

Merry holidays! Previously on , our hero was thwarted by some gibberish in some desert ruins.

She's currently still in the desert, wandering around, trying to think of where to go next, and wondering how will she ever reach that piece of heart up on that cliff.

Welcome back to another episode of ! Zelda has just grabbed the first pendant and today she's going to go out and really explore Hyrule in earnest.

It's a bright new day! Dawn has broken and the rain has cleared.

What further adventures lie in store for Princess Zelda? Stay tuned and keep following for the next chapter of the exciting saga of !

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