Greetings my adventurous friends! Welcome to the sensational adventures of !

When we last saw our hero(ine?), she was poised to take on the second dungeon of the dark world, the Swamp Palace. Let's see how she does!

Already immediately thwarted, hmph! There's an unreachable ladder in the middle of this ditch.

Ah, a telepathic tile. Maybe Sahy will have some advice.

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Simultaneous states, similar shapes? Two worlds?

I getcha, I getcha. The light and the dark, the yin and the yang, this side and other side, dual side of nature... I getcha.

Zelda knows exactly what to do.

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So we've been here before, as evidenced by the looted chest. But this time, Zelda has a different sort of purpose.

She pushes the blocks aside and heads towards that valve out back she remembered from earlier.

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Valve's open. Water flows again.

While she's here, she wonders, why do they call these bouncing skull things "anti-fairies" anyway?

She could use a fairy's help right now.

With mad sorcery power brewing in her brain, she decides to try sprinkling magic powder on it.

Jeepers! It turned into a fairy! Handy!

Zelda refills her hearts.

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There are new baddies skating on the water. They're water tektites!

Zelda dispatches them from a safe distance on dry land, using her sword beams.

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The water tektites were guarding a chest with the key to open the door in here.

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Bouncing around in this room is also another new kind of baddie. It's some kind of water bubble that jumps out of the water and bounces around. They're called kyamerons.

If Zelda breaks it apart with her sword, a new one just forms again and starts bouncing like before. Annoying!

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The locked door was some stairs leading down, going into another wet, soppy room.

Heeeey, crack in the wall! Zelda is inexorably drawn to it like a raccoon to a dumpster. She really loves blowing things up!

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Before Zelda can even check the map, red blobs called Zols sprout from the ground!

She's still relying on her sword beams, so she takes them out from a distance.

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Back in the waterlogged room, Zelda luckily finds a key in the first pot she checks in. Ignoring most of the hazards, she just opens the door and proceeds to the next room.

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Busy room here! A red stalfos, two baris of opposite colours, and a firy winder snaking around the room, plus turret shooting in four directions in the middle of the room!

The red baris split in two when hit!

The sword beams help a lot and Zelda manages to clear the room unscathed, but it wasn't easy!

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After getting the natives to settle down, Zelda explores the rest of this room.

Another unreachable set of stairs in a ditch? Guess it's time to find another way to flood this channel too!

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Along the far side of the ditch, Zelda finds another key in a pot.

Up above on the ledge, she spies a Stalfos and a switch.

Now she'll able to swim to that ladder on the ledge.

But wait! First, joy oh joy, there's more stuff to blow up!

Explosives are a girl's best friend.

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