New week, new Zelda!

And this week, is gonna be on a different update schedule. Instead of having it all on one day or two, I'll be spreading out her adventure across the week in a slow trickle.

As usual, the whole chapter will be a single thread, so you can read the whole thread to catch up.

Now, where were we?

Ah, yes, just outside the Palace of Darkness...

So, let's see. The rescued lord said that he had marked on Zelda's map where the other lords are.

Aha, Zelda is here, the lords are there captured in crystals, just gotta connect the dots. Simple enough.

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But Zelda doesn't like being bossed around! Those lords in their crystals can wait! She's gonna go exploring first.

Of course, first order of business is to get out of this hedge maze...

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Okay, she's out. Now she wants to check out this eastern corner here. There's bound to be something interesting. Maybe even treasure!

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Ooh, another storyteller!

Zelda pays the entrance fee and finds a comfy spot on the ground to listen to this tale.

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What? That's it?

Lamest story ever. Doesn't have a very good plot nor very engaging characters.

At least it gives Zelda a clue on what to do next. Let's find this circle of stones!

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Back outside, Zelda thinks that this peg circle looks important. She takes out her magic mirror and tries whisking into the light world.

Whoooaaaaa swirly. She's never gonna get used to that.

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Huh. Nothing but a transporter back. Guess this was more interesting from the light world side than the dark one.

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Oh, nice. Some fairies. Zelda refills her bottles.

Congratulations on your new internships, ladies!

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Hey, look at that. This looks like the witch's hut from the light world.

Zelda would stop by to check it out, but she's really got her eye on that river thing the storyteller was talking about.

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Mowing the lawn outside, Zelda catches a bee!

She doesn't have a bottle for it at the moment, but good to know for future reference.

Hm, this might be the first time she uses the bug-catching net for its intended purpose. She still has fond memories of using it for dead man's volley against Agahnim.

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She'll check out this little cabin later. Right now she wants to keep going.

Using her atlassian muscles, she moves a giant boulder out of the way like it's nothing.

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She's on the right track. Sign clearly says, over and up that way.

Zelda wonders what's so ill-omeny about a lake.

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