Welcome to the thrilling adventures of !

As our hero finds herself in the Dark World, no longer in bunny shape, she thinks of the perils ahead. There's a trapped Lord in the Palace of Darkness and today she is going to rescue him.

At the foot of the pyramid, Zelda meets her first dark world baddies. Some bomb-tossing cyclops.

They're called Hinox.

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A bee also appeared! From the grass that she's been accidentally cutting as she battles the baddies. Zelda isn't sure what to do with it, but she keeps it in a bottle just in case.

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Further along are new monsters.

A skull was hidden in the grass. When Zelda touched it, it came alive and started chasing after her!

And there's that walking snapdragon plant there that seems to be 95% teeth.

Ouch! A single bite took away THREE hearts! That's a mean bite!

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Let's focus. The dark world wildlife can wait.

Sahy marked Zelda's map and the Dark Palace seems to be where the Eastern Palace is in the Light World.

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So let's get a move. Palaces to raid, lords to save...

Huh, how kind, someone put helpful signposts showing the way. Who's responsible for public works in the dark world?

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This rocky outcropping is full of moblins!

Also some bull-headed monsters called tauros. Strange new world! Familiar and strange at the same time.

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This looks like the entrance to the region where the palace was in the light world.

Wait, a cave. Let's make a quick stop here to see what's inside.

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A fairy fountain!

That nasty bite from that snapdragon heals. Soothed wounds indeed!

Best part, swordbeams are back online!

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Zelda ventures towards the palace of darkness.

More snapdragons!

And some hoppy wiggly tentacly thing. They're called "ropa". They kind of remind Zelda of popos from the dungeons.

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Ah, time for some exposition.

So this whole dark world is a land corrupted by the evil wishes of some very bad person, eh? Because he used the Golden Power?

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That's the golden power?

Well, why didn't you say so before? Why didn't anyone say so?

Zelda will get right on reclaiming it so that everyone can go back to their proper shape.

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@ZeldaStarringZelda man i fucking love LttP every day I am grateful that you put screenies of this playthru on my timelines, esp since it has like 500% mroe zelda

@revolverocelot Hi there! Glad you're enjoying the show.

I'm trying to do an update every Saturday, not every day. I almost missed today because I have a lot of screenshots to go through and it's a bit labourious to do so. But people like you make the whole process worth it!

@JordiGH Hey, I get it! I can tell this is really intensive and I respect that you put the time in.

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