Today is an important day for . With pendants in hand, she should be able to claim the Master Sword and vanquish the evil wizard Aghanim.

On to it!

The trek through the cave is uneventful and straightforward. A few goddamn bats, some pits, some darkness. Nothing we haven't seen before.

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Outside the cave, Zelda looks for an entrance to the Lost Woods.

Instead, she finds a couple of lumberjacks doing some lumberjacking.

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Nothing of interesting here. On to the woods!

Zelda goes around and finds the same entrance into the woods from Kakariko village that she used before.

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Huh, another mushroom. In the same spot where the last one was.

Zelda is unreasonably excited to grab it.

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On her way back, she spots a thief. Or a thief spots her. Maybe it was a mutual spotting. Spotting definitely happened.

Either way, she tosses the cheap sword at the thief but he manages to filch some of her rupees! And worst of all, he just seems to bounce right off her sword unharmed.

Oh, these Lost Woods are the worst. Zelda hurries along and leaves the thief and her rupees behind.

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Finally a break! This hollowed-out tree trunk -- and who even built this system of hollowed-out tree trunks in the woods? It looks very deliberate -- anyway, this part of the trunk tunnel network of the Lost Woods leads to a new, open area with woodland creatures scurrying about.

A forest sanctuary for important items?

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The woodland creatures make way for Zelda like the princess she is, and there it is! This time it looks like the real thing!

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Okay, jokes aside, we all know that some farcical sylvian ceremony is no basis for a system of government.

Zelda just got the Master Sword and that's all.

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Wait, what? Sahy can also do the telepathic trick like Lord Link? Without needing those touch-panels in the dungeon?

What were the panels for anyway?

Maybe reception was just bad in the dungeons and the panels are signal boosters.

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So Zelda is once again off to answer the somewhat literal call of destiny, frolicking amidst the woodland creatures, when suddenly...

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