Hello, Zelda believers! Today in , our hero is going to be venturing into the third dungeon, the mountain tower, or the Tower of Hera. This is her last stop before going for the Master Sword, so let's follow along and see how she fares in this ongoing adventure.

This dungeon introduces a new mechanic. Crystal switches! When Zelda strikes one of the switches, the orange and blue blocks switch around. Whatever colour the crystal is currently showing is the kind of block that is going to retract.


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Zelda readies her magical boomerang, which thanks to its wider reach, has become a very useful for switching at a distance.

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Right away she's greeted by the Sahy Telecommunication Service, giving a hint about how to get back to the beginning of the dungeon via magic mirror.

Is that going to be a new hazard? Zelda can now corner herself into a dead-end?

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Now is not the time to ponder magic mirrors, however. A swirly bouncy worm and fire-breathing dinosaurs test Zelda's combat skills!

Remembering her zoology lessons, she recalls that the worms are called "mini-moldorms" and the dinosaurs are called "kodongos".

They're so cute! But the deadliest creatures can still be cute, and Zelda has no recourse but to defend herself when they attack.

Also, "mini moldorms"? What do they look like when they're not mini?

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There's a locked door here, so Zelda heads downstairs hoping to find a key there.

She's quickly ambushed by Stalfos, and these toss bones at her.

How does that work, exactly? How can they keep tossing tibias at her and still be able to walk? Where are these bones coming from?

Walking skeletons are so mysterious.

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Back upstairs, Zelda unlocks the door with the key from the skeletons to explore another part of the tower's basement.

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Oh no. This is another of those haunted flooring rooms. Zelda nearly died from one of these last time.

This time there seems to be no way to open the door, so Zelda just tries to endure the onslaught.

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Zelda HATES these floating tile rooms!

Damn, there goes one fairy. Zelda is gonna have to be a lot more careful from now on.

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Finally after all of the tiles are finished, the door opens and Zelda can venture into the next room.

Some mini-moldorms squirming and bouncing around in here, but they meet an untimely death at her sword.

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More bone-tossing Stalfos in the next room.

They rough up Zelda a little, but pose no great threat.

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After lighting the four torches, a treasure chest appears, with the big key inside it.

This dungeon is coming along nicely so far. We haven't even yet seen what door requires the big key.

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We haven't even really checked out the map, have we?

Oh, we're in the first floor, not the basement. Guess those stairs coming into the tower were going up into the second floor, where Zelda started. It's always a little weird when the entrance is not on the ground floor.

Nice layout, very vertical, very tower-y.

Well, nowhere to go but up from here.

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So let's head back.

Aw, Zelda is now stuck on the other side of the blocks with no switch to retract them!

Guess that's what the reminder about the magic mirror was about. She takes it out, gazes into it, and is magically transported back to the beginning, so she can head into the upper levels of the tower.

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Upstairs (after some switch manipulation) Zelda encounters new baddies. Hardhat beetles!

And they're bouncy! She can strike them with her sword, but it pushes her away and dangerously close to the pits that open into the floor below.

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Next room over has more hardhat beetles and a big keyhole door.

With skillful strikes of her blade, Zelda clears the area of hostiles and opens the door into the next section.

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This room's hazards are some drop-down pits, hardhat beetles and mini moldroms.

They prove quite challenging for Zelda, and she took a few hits. Quite a few, actually. Her health is now dangerously low and she has to be very careful from now on. Verrry careful. She hopes she can find some heart pickups somewhere in the next floor.

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Another Sahy talk-panel.

Moon pearl. The smiley ball and dinosaur-head bully thing people in the Dark World mentioned this too. Must be really important to pick it up. She'll make sure to get it.

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