Merry holidays! Previously on , our hero was thwarted by some gibberish in some desert ruins.

She's currently still in the desert, wandering around, trying to think of where to go next, and wondering how will she ever reach that piece of heart up on that cliff.

Clearly some backtracking is going to be in order. Zelda makes her way to parts of Hyrule that she's already seen hoping to uncover clues to this desert of mystery.

Along the way she sees some oddly-placed pegs guarding a rock. This looks important, but there's no way for her right now to go in to investigate.

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Ah, home sweet home. It seems like ages since Zelda was last here.

It's so empty now without her dearly departed uncle. *sniff*

Zelda stops to grab some hearts out of the pots by her bed to recover her energy, and she heads back out again.

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Out in the forest next to her home, she discovers a pile of rocks. Running into the pile scatters it, revealing an underground entrace!

There are fairies here, and Zelda, ahem, "enlists" the aid of another one of them into an empty bottle.

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The forest outside is overrun with guards, and Zelda barely escapes with her life!

She's a little aimless right now.

Recovering her previous adventurous spirit, she decides to try heading back to Kakariko. There are things she remembers there that probably warrant a closer look.

Maybe she''ll find treasure!

Her greedy thoughts push her forward!

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On her way back to Kakariko, she stops by the palace. She briefly ponders going back in there, bu tthe place is crawling with guards and overall gives her very unwelcoming vibes.

She stays the course towards Kakariko.

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Okay, here we are. Back in Kakariko.

Leave no pot unsmashed, no crack unbombed! There's gotta be something here!

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First order of business is Señor Speedy Gonzales here. Zelda's stompy boots should help catch him now. We'll just see who is the fastest princess in all of Hyrule.

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Fast Eddie's tongue comes loose and he reveals lots of interesting information.

First, it's a big relief to learn that he was running away from Zelda's rugged criminal looks and not from any foul thing she might have picked up from the palace sewers as she feared earlier.

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And second, he suggests that running around and bashing into things is a good way to find stuff.

Fine advice if Zelda has ever heard any. She decides to try it right away.

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A fairy nesting in the branches shakes loose!

Zelda already has enough enough fairies doing, ah, "unpaid internships" in her bottles, so she doesn't need any more.

She'll be sure to smash into everything else! This is the best way to look for clues for that desert mystery!

Poirot, Holmes, Dupin, bet you wish you could solve mysteries just by dashing and smashing into things!

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Zelda heads south towards a part of Kakariko she neglected to check out during her last visit.

A library! With information! Her one-woman Scooby gang decides to scour this place for clues.

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Lots of books as befits a library, but only one has a unique sprite, so that's the important one.

However, it's on a shelf where Zelda can't reach.

Well, since smashing around was the answer before, Zelda decides to try it again. The book tumbles down, and Zelda nabs it.

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Book of Mudora! To read ancient Hylian! That must be what those gibberish desert runes were for!

Well, that neatly wraps up our mystery. Or will, once we use this book to read those runes.

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But finally finding something has put Zelda in a good mood, and when Zelda is in a good mood, she feels like adventuring.

She decides to hold off on the plot and first see what else can she find around in the south end of Kakariko.

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Ever the impartial and tactful mediator, Zelda tries to smooth things over between the two brothers the best way she knows how.


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