Welcome back to another episode of ! Zelda has just grabbed the first pendant and today she's going to go out and really explore Hyrule in earnest.

Finally we hit paydirt! Listening to that old man ramble on gave Zelda some fashionable new boots!

Well, old boots, since they were passed down by generations. Let's call them vintage.

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Looks like it's called Pegasus Shoes, but they're very obviously boots.

Zelda decides to call them her new stompy boots.

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Okay, thanks, Sahy (that name is getting too long and Zelda figures now is a good time to move on to nicknames in this professional relationship), good talk. Gotta get back out into the world now!

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Right, so about that world, let's see...

Sword's there, pendant is there, other pendant is there. Oh, and that must be the lake that holds some interesting treasure.

Okay, but you know what Zelda is getting tired of being bossed around by men. First Lord Link, then the priest, then Sahy.

She decides she's gonna take a joyride around Hyrule instead and see what she can find.

The plot coupons can wait!

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Zelda heads towards lake Hylia. Not because Sahy said so, but just because.

Also, fine, treasure. Nothing wrong with being a material girl and picking up everything valuable that isn't nailed down. Zelda did promise to do this at the very beginning of her adventure, after all.

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Interesting, an important-looking cave by the lake! Maybe the treasure is in here.

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What, some peddler? And the prices aren't particularly a bargain either, certainly nothing that Zelda would call a "treasure".

Zelda tells the shopkeeper that she's just browsing and heads back outside to look for treasure that won't cost her any money.

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Hm, on this side of the lake is another fortune-teller's house.

Zelda isn't falling for that scam again!

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Heading back and sheepishly asking the sign for directions, Zelda realises that she probably should have gone another way.

Maybe there's a sign that points to treasures instead?

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Oh, of course. There's a whole other side of the lake. It's all clear now when she checks her map.

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