Okay, let's begin!

We could name our character anything, but let's stick to Zelda so that most of the dialogue looks correct.

Aghanim "eliminated" because this is a Nintendo game and we can't say "kill"!

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Lord Link is captured! And all of the other Lords dress the same as him because the game only has one sprite for all of them.

Lordly fashion is very distinguishable in Hyrule.

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I think this is an error, I think it should be the time of destiny for Lord Link since he's the one imprisoned, but we can also interpret this as the time of destiny for the chosen hero of Hyrule, Princess Zelda!

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Hah, like we'll listen. A princess does not stay in bed while trouble is afoot!

Zelda grabbed a lamp to help her out in the night.

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Looks like the royal guards have the whole area cordoned off!

And they're always so condescending.

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Uncle! What are you doing here! And how did you manage to replace the bush that was covering this entrance?

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Nooo, uncle! Wait! What?! Link is my brother?

Wait, Uncle, you have to tell me more, I've never handled a sword in my life!

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Oh well, here we go. Time to grab this sword and shield and become a hero.

And thus Zelda is off to answer the call of destiny!

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