Alright, who wants a donation matched? Donate to a bail fund, or black voices or reclaim the block, or another fund that's directly helping fight *waves hands* this. Send me the receipt, and I'll donate the same amount to the same fund or a different one of your choosing.

I'll batch up donations to the same destination. If you reply publicly, I'll include you on the match receipt. If you DM, you won't get tagged on a batch.

Boosts okay.

I've got a donation in via DM! Thank you <name redacted>!!

I'm going to submit the first batch this evening after I clock out, so if you send me a receipt and I don't get back to you immediately, that's why.

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Also, mutual aid orgs count too, of course. Didn't want to be ambiguous about that.

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So this didn't really take off, which is fine!! Rest assured I'll still be donating a heck of a lot more to this org and others.
That being said, here is the donation matched, as promised. Thank you to the person who originally donated it.

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Also since this one is slightly less widespread, if you want to donate:​

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@WagonStar If you'd like to match to here:

It's anonymous donations atm, but someone may go public about it later.

@WagonStar Can I DM you with a screen-grab or two of receipts? Not trying to sound like a snowflake. I kind of have this, uh... sort of religion-based thing about keeping donations anonymous wherever possible. Thanks. :)

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