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Guess it's worth saying: I'm not accepting new followers for the most part! Sorry! Just a thing I've decided not to do for the time being!

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New pinned post, not sure if this will be helpful, but: I sometimes don't look at this place for days at a time.

If you specifically want me to see a thing:
1. Thank you for thinking of me, that's really sweet actually.
2. Tag me! I love that shit!!

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Asking for money for other person 

This is a good site, if you can spare some money for the admin every month, you should! Or even like just once!

Fuck the neighbors heard the post, they're clawing through the wall

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Just fucking blew through TJ and Amal in one sitting

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Secret 2nd pair of eyelids now on sale

Running my phone battery dead on purpose, tricking my lizard brain into no phone.

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racism, fascism 

From : A meaningful critique on referring to american white supremacists as nazis.

I'm gonna fucking
Get a load of this

Technology Connections guy is right, fuck blue LEDs. If I could have every single color LED display in my life be orange or red, I would.

absolutely nothing, a void where comedy goes to disappear 

Burger King rebranding to Burger Quing

Whispering "Beavis" repeatedly and audibly in the doctor's office waiting room

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I wonder how Travis Touchdown would come across as a boss if they changed the NMH protagonist.

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house comittee of boy in town activities

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I'm gonna hafta get trending one of these days

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