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New pinned post, not sure if this will be helpful, but: I sometimes don't look at this place for days at a time.

If you specifically want me to see a thing:
1. Thank you for thinking of me, that's really sweet actually.
2. Tag me! I love that shit!!

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Asking for money for other person 

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Song Wonder Trade

Reply to this post with a song, and I'll reply with another song. They will have nothing to do with one another, except humans chose both of them.

I might take time to reply.

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Hey open question to followers and other people on Elekk: is there anything about my account you'd like to see me stop doing? Move certain posts to an alt? Of course you can always mute or block me, but if there's only one or two things that bother you about my posts, I'd hate to lose someone I like talking to over that. Please let me know! No judgement whatsoever!

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Cool new icon by @Jaymajaym ! Commission her for cool art imo!!!

heard some peeps clamoring for Mega Man X 9 and like

we have Gunvolt at home



uspol, depressing, sarcasm 

About the #YoutubeWalkout

1. Youtube is shit. The way it demonetizes minority accounts while giving fascism lots of space sucks.
2. Its interpretation of COPPA puts the burden of 'not advertising to children' on content creators. That also sucks.
So 2 good reasons to stick to the boycot.

But "youtube will delete accounts that are not advertiser friendly" is just not true.
The ToS allows them to limit some features of ALL free accounts, not delete individual unprofitable accounts.

Stand in solidarity with your favorite demonetized YouTuber,

upload NOTHING

December 10th-13th


need help with looking up some music 

I mean I hope I'm not being a pest but I probably am

When waddle doo hugs people does it always poke his eye

the existence of light rail implies the existence of a parallel dark rail

just your average yelling into the void 


Talking to people about socialism 

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