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Remember: unless we actually reply to each other on here, feel free to block me, mute me, unfollow, whatever! I do that all the time!

If... if you do talk to me, you can also do that, but if you aren't too mad I'd appreciate a heads up, no judgement on your reasons, it just gets to me if I don't know what happened.

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New pinned post, not sure if this will be helpful, but: I sometimes don't look at this place for days at a time.

If you specifically want me to see a thing:
1. Thank you for thinking of me, that's really sweet actually.
2. Tag me! I love that shit!!

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Asking for money for other person 

This is a good site, if you can spare some money for the admin every month, you should! Or even like just once!

Hmmm, seems like Happy Birthday Milly is a good thing to say, I will do it earlier in this sentence.

*notices a sword just lying on the ground, completely unplanted* "Tsk tsk, who's running this blood soaked moor? What happened to standards?"

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"Hell yeah, this seems like the place all the cool knights are dying. Time to stab my sword into the dirt like a picket sign, and then croak."

Hiked up a mountain. First time walking anywhere further than a mile since quarantine, and we chose 4 miles with 1500 ft of elevation (wife's fitbit said 6 miles so maybe we did it really inefficiently).
I saw:
1 eastern fence lizard
1 skink (maybe a coal skink, couldn't ID)
1 baby copperhead
A friendly jumping spider
2 very fat webspinning spiders that I absolutely couldn't ID

I missed the woods and am very tired.

Fedi all the time be asking me: "Coach :wagon:​, how come you don't post no more?"

spoilers for Custom Robo 

The only things I remember about Custom Robo on the GameCube are that Sealhead is the best, and the protagonist is like the one person who potentially doesn't believe in flat earth depending on player input.

Talking to my phone like "gimme da data you sunuvabich"

Ate an apple where all the seeds had sprouted inside, there's some potential for horror in there somewhere

I keep trying to hiatus and they keep pulling me back in, but it's worth it to say happy birthday to @noelle ! To paraphrase that one vine, give her your fucking money [law and order sting].


Like that might as well be a test, and congrats you fucking passed, you absolutely shouldn't listen to me

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People who unfollowed my private alt made the right choice all I do is depression post over there lol

I said joke but uh
I don't know if that meets the structural requirements

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Death joke 

Bleeding out on the floor of a mcmansion mancave to the sound of "who wants to party?" by Kevin MacLeod

Trying to think of another superpower poll but nothing is as interesting as teleportation.

New York


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