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New pinned post, not sure if this will be helpful, but: I sometimes don't look at this place for days at a time.

If you specifically want me to see a thing:
1. Thank you for thinking of me, that's really sweet actually.
2. Tag me! I love that shit!!

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Asking for money for other person 

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Song Wonder Trade

Reply to this post with a song, and I'll reply with another song. They will have nothing to do with one another, except humans chose both of them.

I might take time to reply.

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Hey open question to followers and other people on Elekk: is there anything about my account you'd like to see me stop doing? Move certain posts to an alt? Of course you can always mute or block me, but if there's only one or two things that bother you about my posts, I'd hate to lose someone I like talking to over that. Please let me know! No judgement whatsoever!

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Cool new icon by @Jaymajaym ! Commission her for cool art imo!!!

zelda fans, every time a new zelda game comes out: this doesnt feel like a zelda game

zelda fans, years after a zelda game comes out: oh yeah that was the best one


My hero academia 


Anybody craving some platonic companionship? I'm asking for a friend.

This is an important toot in the deep Wagon Star canon

Sprite Stitchers!

Tired of having to convert your sprites to cross stitch (or bead) patterns by hand because all the big pattern makers make a mess of sprite art?

Check out @noelle 's Stitchify tool!

It's a baby, but it already does awesome stuff: handles up to 52 colors, provides stitch count, and has major gridlines. And it's web-based.

I ❤️ Noëlle and you should, too.

#stitch #crossstitch #bead #perler #embroidery #needlework

Hey remember Sonic Rush that great ds game that also has music with oddly high sounding sexual tension

Every notification I've gotten for this toot has been ironic,

* refreshes notifications tab and gets nothing * wow wtf

* brings a little fruit basket out to the woods, whistles, dumps the fruit on a stump *

it's still cold and it finally feels like fall and this is the best dang thing

looking left bc u wont act right
looking right bc u left
looking up bc u let me down
lookin down bc israel is unjustly occupying palestine



Aren't you curious about the manner in which we keep instigating conflagrations?

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