@Sapphicgiraffic Right?! I love how she just has a naturally deep voice and it's not weird or a joke. Joe Murray's performance makes her sound so content as well.

@Elizafox This is a new episode that just got released on Netflix yesterday, not part of the original run. Doesn't make it any less brilliant though.

@ThreeLetterMax @Elizafox ah, I haven't seen that show since I was a kid, with all the social commentary that show had, it seemed plausible that this screencap could have been from the 90s

@steven @Elizafox Right enough, the original cartoon did touch on queer issues a couple of times. There's one episode that uses clowns as a metaphor for gay people (The same episode where everyone turns on Rocko for liking rainbows) and apparently there's one episode about Heffer's family learning to accept that his brother wears dresses, but I've not seen that one.

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