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Anyone else remember this iconic moment from Metal Gear Solid? Gives me chills to this day.

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if your instance has a gamer on it you have to put a ⚠️​ beware of gamer ⚠️ sign on the lawn

Stream time. Still gathering emotions in Lair of the Clockwork God so that a computer can re-learn empathy and stop all the apocalypses.

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my take on AAA games people pushing to make games $70 


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There are so many rad indie games that are just as good, usually better, than any AAA title, fucksake

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people freaking out about $70 console games--

why are you buying AAA bullshit instead of supporting indie developers who are queer and PoC

$70 just sounds like shorthand for "STEAL THIS GAME"

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game journalists lying down and accepting a $70 price tag is the final nail in the proverbial coffin of proof that they’re not here to investigate or question or push but rather to be the hype people for billions dollar companies, extending out as another branch of marketing for people that make too much money and ask for too much money. What a fucking embarrassment. Can’t believe that was ever a field I wanted to be in

30 Day VG Music Challenge. Day 9: Music from a licensed game 

In-game theme
by Fred Gray
from Batman: The Caped Crusader
(Commodore 64)

I swear to god I changed my mind on what track to include here because there's tracks and composers I want to save for later.

I think this is somehow the only Batman videogame ever to include Neal Hefti's iconic NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA theme, and it's not even based off the Adam West show

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kojima was fuckin’ right.

“Nowadays, anyone with a computer can get combat training; the FPS games these children love are distributed for free by these companies. Of course, it’s all just virtual training. It’s so easy for them to get absorbed by these war games, and before they know it, they’re in the PMCs holding real guns. These kids end up fighting in proxy wars that have nothing to do with their own lives. They think it’s cool to fight like this. They think that combat is life. After all, for them it’s only a game."

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damn i just feel bad for the girl that revealed herself to be US Army Esports Twitter Manager…..US Army really be groomin’ kids into tweeting about UwU war crimes. i put the nightmare goggles on but everything looks exactly the same

guh internet's been wibbly all damn evening

Bonnie Tyler bemoans the absence of both dommes and subs 

Where have all the Good Girls gone,
And where are all the tops?

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one molyneaux is a racist shithead but the other one made fable and that game sucks so therefore they're both equally bad

legit mad that this song is so good when it doesn't exist outside a 30 second ad for one of the worst games I have ever played.

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good to know Deadly Premonition 2 didn’t learn a single lesson from the transphobia in the first game and not only that added racism on top of it lmfao

Deadly Premonition 2, transphobia 

Well goddammit. According to Jim Sterling, Swery completely fucked up the trans representation in DP2. Like, apparently York has an amazing Trans Rights monologue, but also goes on to repeatedly deadname and misgender the trans character in question.

For absolute fuck's sake Swery.

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A simulation of twitter:

Famous Person (@ ihaveabigplatform):
“Trans people are actually aliens from Kryxilia 7 who are secretly infiltrating our society vis YouTube to make us vulnerable to their cheeto lasers”.

Trans Person (@pokemon_cuddler):
“that's not actually true though”. Famous Person responds: “I have been silenced! The notorious “Cancel Culture” has claimed another victim! Read all about my awful silencing in this article I wrote for a large, internationally renowned publication:”

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re: 30 Day VG Music Challenge. Day 8: Music from a shooter 

Haunted Theme
by David B. Schultz
From Nitemare 3D (PC)

I had a shareware copy of this on a demo disc somewhere. I got absolutely nowhere in the actual game but this music burned itself into my head so there we go

BONUS: Here it is on an actual organ

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