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A beautiful paragraph from an early Doctor Who novel; for context: it is written by Susan, The Doctor's grandaughter, some time after they left their home planet permanently. Talking vaguely and intricately about the way time works, and doesn't work, on that planet. 

"I want to be a part of time and space. When we left Home, machines in the Box came to life: clocks, to tick away the seconds; odometers, to measure the miles. Grandfather put those devices there, though they had no purpose until we ran away. Home isn’t a place where anything happens. Space there is like it is inside the Box – if you’re measuring all the dimension in the universe, the space of Home doesn’t count. When we left, we winked into existence, entering the steady stream that runs from past to the future, emerging from the Box to become dimensional. Before that, I don’t even know if we qualified as being *alive*."

I do not fucking understand why some people will read out a long string of numbers like...

One Two Three, Four Five Six..... teen Fourty-nine.

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work, mildly - 

woke up with a sore throat again. Not sure if it's just allergies or the weather. I have sick time to use at work (1 day left) but I'm worried someone is gonna get mad at me that I keep coincidentally taking days off work when we're during our extremely busy period?

but I need to take the days off before the end of the year...


this is how capitalism rots your brain

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@monorail I know not with what weapons Ready Player Three will be fought, but Ready Player Four will be fought with sticks and stones.


my superpower is "not having anything I want to eat" right after I go grocery shopping

Sonic the Hedgehog is more cyberpunk than Cyberpunk 2077

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Twitter screenshot, deep fucking shit, 

oh, this explains, a LOT...

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Bill Clinton (NBA Jam) + Nanami Kiryuu
Rich Uncle Pennybags + Prindle, Quinn, and Shepard (Herbie Goes Bananas)

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current events, mild shitpost but also kinda bad? 

me, reading people's symptoms after having covid-19:

winded after climbing stairs
memory of a goldfish

"wtf have I had covid my entire life?"

-, family issues 

also my mum decided to text me and I went off on her and I'm now crying so I really wish I had anyone who gave a shit about me

I like that two genres popular with the same group of people are RPGs and Rhythm games, which are the complete opposite ends of the spectrum of "how precise do my inputs need to be"

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I use Chrome on my main PC and Opera on my potato laptop (Opera is so much lighter weight) and after my power out, the wiki page I was editing I'm sure was gone. But I loaded Opera back up and the in-progress edit was just there???

I've been thinking of switching from Chrome to Firefox on my main PC (mostly the act of doing so is a lot of effort, with password migrations and all that) but does Firefox do this? Or should I go with Opera on my main PC as well??

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psa for nintendo switch users, be sure to turn off google analytics, it was added in the latest system update and the setting is hiding at the bottom of your eShop user settings

More interactive fiction (video game or otherwise) where actions you take at the start lead to completely different world states with no correlation. If I don't pick up a key item, maybe I won't ever need it later. Maybe how I act towards what character will make a different character fill a completely different role in the story.

Lol my power just went out and as I was reporting the outtage on my power company's website I get a text message from... My isp, saying there is an internet outtage and it'll be back by 2.

the longer I go without having any friends, the more I feel like I just don't want to be anything, do anything. I don't even know if I want to be creative or make things anymore. Maybe I just don't want to exist.

hopefully this is just passing stress but it's... it's the worst. I feel like no one cares about me at all.

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