It's impressive how many times I tried to enter communities but never feel at home in any of them. Thinking about deleting this and other accounts.

I'm playing Pyre way more than I originally expected, but I can't help but feel happy when I finish and liberate someone.
At least I'm self-conscious about it. :^)

So, I started Pyre today.

I feel like I spent way too much time on it. It's really that good.

Finished Bastion tonight. It's pretty good, but I still can't believe people saying it's better than Transistor.

Friendship ended with SINoAlice, now Creatures of Aether is my new mobile game I'll spend a questionable amount of time playing

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Wilmot's Warehouse awakens my inner obsessive organizer.

Loving it.

I just bought Lovely Planet and discovered I don't really dislike First Person Shooters.

I dislike the culture around First Person Shooters.

Fans: *start using Final Fantasy music as samples for lo-fi hiphop*
SQEX: "Hmmm, how can we make money with this?"
*months later*

Billie Eilish's new song 

it's good

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horny levels are holding at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

Land of the Lustrous/Houseki no Kuni spoilers 

Sometimes I wonder if I'm masochistic for continuing to read this manga.

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Land of the Lustrous/Houseki no Kuni spoilers 

App: New HnK chapter released!

Me, seeing the cover and holding my tissues: aw shit, here we go again...

Me: Let's get back to the project!
*Discorvers a catchy song from 2 Mello*
Me: Guess the night is over, let's relax.
(Also this is the song: )

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