food, fungi (the good edible kind) 

just came back from working in my parents’ yard for a bit and i came back with some morels sticking out of the bush. gonna clean em and cook em with what i had planned for dinner already and yeye

animal crossing, click inside for adorable content 

me and my partner currently turning this game into cute gay shit simulator 2020

extremely cursed, confederate flag imagery grossly misused 

i actually saw this today and i still have questions

finally having the chance to test my n64 everdrive with the brawler64 controller and of course the game i play is on brand

don't mind me just sharing two opponents in an mma fight that y'all (including me) would probably be extremely gay for

did that spotify gimmick that shows what you’ve listened to over the decade and uhhhhhhh

extremely bad birdsite screencap 

*entry of the gladiators intensifies*

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