asking for financial help for my partner 

hey all, my lovely and incredible in every way partner is going through all sorts of rough times right now and only has $140 to her name to pay for everything. anything to help either through cashapp ($moxicity) or paypal ( would mean everything to us both

asking for financial help for my partner 

forgot to add, boosts are absolutely appreciated


asking for financial help for my partner 

for right now we’re long distance but sadly to change that it requires finding some way to get her canadian citizenship and marriage can’t guarantee that. it doesn’t help either that i have tons of bills coming up that will deplete me of anything i can use to help her myself which i feel terrible about

i endlessly appreciate any support through donations or boosts, love you all ❤️

asking for financial help for my partner 

just wanted to thank you all so so much for your continued support

even if it’s a $1 donation or a boost you’re doing so much for us. we’re hoping to keep this going as long as possible so that staci doesn’t have to worry about much, so by all means keep boosting ❤️

asking for financial help for my partner 

every single one of you are the absolute best for everything you've done for us. staci is so thankful for all of you that have contributed in any way you could

any support further on couldn't be appreciated more whether it's boosting or donating either to her cashapp ($moxicity) or paypal (, it means the universe to us both

thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart ❤️

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