i'm lazy so i'll just ctrl-v my old hey ya'll i'm an enby socialist bordering on an-com when shit really gets terrible digital media generalist who currently gets paid to do graphic design for print. into gaming, film, music, pro wrestling and whatever other form of media ya got on your mind

i try my best to support anyone feeling the pressures of life so if you ever need an ear, feel free to dm

i wanna get to know all of you and be friends n stuff

@Stevarow good to meet you! What’s your favorite way to watch wrestling? I have caught some stuff on twitch but I’m not sure where it’s available.

@zenhob i'm of the era of megaupload and random livestream channels but these days i'm subbed to most of the big puroresu services; njpw world, ddt universe, bjw core, ajpw tv, etc. there's good wrestling everywhere tho if you know where to look and i'd be happy to help you anytime

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