Asking for help, food, please boost 

The Oklahoma ice storm power outage has allowed around $60 in food to go bad, closer to $100 if it's not back up soon and has prevented us from streaming for several days. SNAP has no recourse for this. Help a poor queer family out if you can? We'll hit the shops as soon as the money is in or the power is on, whichever is later.

Asking for help, food, please boost 

Thank you so much to those who have helped. We'll use any additional amount to stay fed while we wait for the power to return, which may take awhile longer. See upthread for links and details.

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re: Asking for help, food, please boost 

@[email protected] uugh, that sucks. Can confirm when I worked for social services there was no "food lost for power out" recourse.

I hope it's not too long for you folks.

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