Advice for people new to Mastodon:

If you are going to post a link to an article - please take the time to remove the tracking from the link before posting it.

(In other words, find the ? in the link and delete it and everything after it. THEN post the link.)

It only takes a second or to to do, and it prevents websites from tracking people across the internet.

@SpaceCadet Deleting everything in a URL after the question mark certainly works.

When a friend sends me a URL that includes a question mark and then some tracking goop, I like to replace the tracking text with something more fun before I visit the website. Let the person doing the tracking wonder why the tracking info says that the link came from the PlatypusPrincipality campaign or some such.

I wonder if anybody else does this.

#trackingURLs #privacy

This is just plain good advice under any link sharing circumstance.

Lucky the Fediverse is big enough for the two of us

@SpaceCadet An exception, sometimes the stuff after the "?" isn't tracking, it's required parameters. Example:

I agree, removing all the tracking crap is a Good Thing(tm), but removing everything after the "?" isn't always the right thing to do.

Which is awkward and annoying.


I fully agree?id=108556968&fbclid=IwAR0J4JvsdffzZE3uz3bO528EoidlNL4ncfgedfzesfnfsja0zhJaSBzpbt

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