do you make pronoun cards to remember ppl's pronouns?

I'm thinking of making these plastic cards where I put someone's name and pronouns and whatever extra notes I need (like "don't call cute" or "don't ask to hug, just hug" or "don't use 'you'") and then just sort them and put them in a keyring or something. then carry it with me. (uh if it gets stolen you get my whole social graph but I mean you can get those from my profile so who cares? .-.)

thoughts? :boost_ok:​ (also feel free to add extra hashtags, like something about crafts or w/e)

update: it seems those are called laminated paper? sorry, I didn't know that.

however, I'm still seeking feedback on the general idea. do you think I should try it? do you have any suggestions about what I should put on them? etc?

would it be awkward to include ppl's boundaries wrt flirting and lewd and stuff in the cards?

specifically: if the cards got stolen (or just someone looking over my shoulder or something), I think it could be bad to have that kind of detail on them? .-.

at the same time it'd help me a lot to have that kind of detail on them. so, this is hard. :<


update: I've decided not to do this due to the privacy concerns. I looked into encryption (there are some forms of encryption that you can do in your head) but I'm not happy with the stuff I found for that so I figure it's safer to just not do it.

I'll have to find another way to deal with this stuff. I'm open to suggestions but I might just do something completely different instead.

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@SoniEx2 I’m assuming you considered a digitally encrypted version in an app that’s password-protected. I know iOS/Mac notes app supports this, and there are others

@s0 in a way, yeah.

as in... I don't like them. 😅

I was trying to avoid those tbh, they're not physical enough for me. but I haven't really tried them, no.

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