how do you apologize?

the things I've tried seem to only make ppl angrier...


I guess I can move on without apologizing?

but then ppl will get angry at me for that. or at least, ppl say they will. ppl say I must apologize. :/

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I mean, clearly you can grow without apologizing - what if someone doesn't want an apology? then you don't apologize!

but... ugh. idk.

socialing is hard ~- 

@SoniEx2 ugh yeah I feel this a lot. My response when I upset people is usually to avoid them as much as possible very quickly because it’s so hard to tell when to apologise! Or not! And even if I think I should apologise, most of the time I don’t know exactly what went wrong! And I have (finally) learned that trying to ask someone what upset them so that I can apologise correctly just makes them more angry at me? And they think it’s being passive aggressive. Ugh.

re: socialing is hard ~- 

@s0 oh :(

re: socialing is hard ~- 

@SoniEx2 sorry to be discouraging. Now I try to apologise by text/words to people because I can express myself better and they can read/process it in their own time/space. If that’s not possible I avoid them for a while until they seem more normal acting and prepare an apology script while doing so. Then later I can approach them and quietly apologise following that. Having a script makes it easier for me to pay attention to my body language cues and make sure I don’t come across aggressive I think? Though of course some people find it “stilted” or “not genuine enough” but what can you do

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