reintroductions, long 

re hi, I'm Soni! I'm autgender, my pronouns are she/her and they/them.

I have a long history of harassment, including related activities like racism, and just generally toxic, aggressive and violent behaviour. I've harassed lots of ppl over misunderstandings where I wanted to be right even tho I was wrong. I'm not gonna list everything I've done wrong here, but feel free to ask if you wanna know specifics.

my interests include programming, kink, games (sometimes), infodumping, neurodiversity, mad pride, disability pride, drawing, writing, [uh surely there's more stuff I can put here? but I don't seem to recall it]. feel free to ask me about these! (take it slow tho, I get overwhelmed easily.)

I'm 21. in addition to the above interests, I also tend to talk about CSA, domestic abuse, and suicide.

I'm generally open for flirting, but I might not read it as flirting if you don't tell me, so please ask first. I'm bi/pan/ace/???.

thank you!

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