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Just your average Seong here. Hopelessly nerdy geek, vidya player, part-time writer, aiming to become some sort of reviewer personality in the (near?) future. Passionate about video games, good and bad alike.

I also stream -- not to any serious degree, but on occasion, if my camera-shyness doesn't kill me first.

Hope to meet some randos with the same obscure interests as I have! Or something like that... is that how these work? Send help.

(Okay, maybe NOT pay 'good money' because I have very little money to pay my debts with, but... you get the idea. >.<')

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If only there was a way to get the infamous original translation of Hollow Fragment on the PC release of Re;...
I'd legit pay good money, because it would GREATLY simplify my setup if I wanted to play (something close to) original HF without the hassle of dealing with my Vita and its half-working headphone jack.

Video ideas: 

2hu was too big a franchise to even dare touch, so that's held off.
And when I tried something niche, I ended up doing Drake of the 99 Whatchumacallits; which seemingly every other big channel has done now.

So I guess to futureproof myself, I'll have to intentionally go for something so unpopular, no big 'tuber will dare touch it so I can remain impassioned.

Rambling about chairs and phones. 

...For example, I now have a dedicated computer chair again.

It's a *very* cheap racing chair that I wouldn't personally recommend but seems to hold my weight as well as my old leather one, and enough comfort options to be worth the price.
I use a couch pillow in place of the crap lead blocks it comes with for lower back support, if needed.

And, who needs webcams, when you have enough hand-me-down and old flagship phones to use as dedicated cameras themselves?

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That moment when you use your Blue Snowball less as a microphone for supposedly 'professional' work, and more as an impromptu baseball to satisfy your idling needs. 

. . . HOWEVER, I still do want to do actual live stuff at some point in the interim while job hunting. Finally got around to buying a much-needed mic arm to suit my horrifically homebrew'd streaming/recording setup.

I've had my share of (short-lived) panic, but it's ultimately unjustified and all is well in this neck of the woods.

Shame about the toiletries market, though.

The World: *coronapanic*

Me, a Seongllectual: But I haven't found the perfect emu-handheld yet!

(Not so subtle repost)
So maybe I'm weird for only just now realizing this, but
Vesperia Definitive has *slightly* different skit art to make everything overall softer and reduce edges. (AnimPNG)
Am I the only one that thinks this is neat, unnecessary, and unnecessarily neat?

At least my GitHub gets some use now.

I'm at least 50% proud of my work thus far, no matter how menial it is in the grand scheme of things. Possibly useful for others who use Dingux or RetroFW devices running GMenuNX.

RG 350 

I've had a new toy to play with as of late.

Sure it's basically a GCW Zero clone, but it's sooo cute in its portability and it does what I need an emu handheld to do surprisingly well! As well as supporting modern standards like USB-C which is convenient.

So why does Nintendo have a fetish for releasing shit directly on, or on the same week as my birthday?

First the Wii U Wind Waker bundle, then the Switch Lite, and now it's like a dozen or more games coming to the Switch and my wallet is currently weeping in the anticipation leading up to it.

And now, nitpick. 

. . . So why is her tagline now "Daughter of the Bladed Rod"?
GDI, was "Heart and Soul Girl" too unique? Did you really need to bland it up for what otherwise could've been her best portrayal in these games? Will I ask a fourth question? And am I just overreacting because of my name?

Yes I am, but that's beside the point - or at least, I wanna say it is, but it's not.

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Geekout on SCVI-3 

The dynamic I used to particularly like about Mi-na really came down to her not being a downright 'joke' character, like Danpierre used to be in IV/V, but instead is a sort of youthful contrast against all of these battle-hardened dudes and either god-born or mystical gals. She COULD be a joke, but more out of subverting expectations. Honestly, the only thing they're missing is giving her stage music the ol' 'ecstatic theme she had from Blade. I'm glad to see my girl be unique.

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Geekout on SCVI-2 

And her entire character portrayal is this endearingly jovial contrast to the rest of the cast. Even her taunt is pretty youthful compared to the other games.
Frick, I even liked the small detail where her, um... 'crotch attack' (forgot name) does a little "ding" on contact against male opponents.

Basically what I'm saying is... I'm the only one here who's geeking out because they essentially made my favorite character back into my favorite iteration, from Soul Blade/Calibur 1.

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Geekout on SCVI-1 

Oh yeah and um
SCVI is pretty good too.

I friggin ADORE what they did with Mi-na with regards to the 'primary' story. Just at a glance, the fact that the entire thing is played out as a first-person narration/journaled entirely from her perspective is absolutely perfect. She acts childish, while in retrospect, is kicking herself at basically every opportunity.
Her own plot has nothing to do with SE, and is just pure personal growth.
Ending? Literally her SC1 ED art, colorized.

@SeongGino big brain. it's not a typo she's just literally learned to kill with words

As a... *ahem*, life-long fan of this particular character from this particular game series...

this giggles me so hard and I really shouldn't be so easily amused but let me have my fun please.

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