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Just your average Seong here. Hopelessly nerdy geek, vidya player, part-time writer, aiming to become some sort of reviewer personality in the (near?) future. Passionate about video games, good and bad alike.

I also stream -- not to any serious degree, but on occasion, if my camera-shyness doesn't kill me first.

Hope to meet some randos with the same obscure interests as I have! Or something like that... is that how these work? Send help.

Still waiting on my battery so I can friggin switch back to Android already.
Didn't think I'd get so anxious over this but what the hecc it's been a week for one cell.

Firefox cert signing is on the fritz


Installing Librefox ( lets addons work as before.

Just thought you'd be interested to hear.

Mood today:

>'What Is Love' plays in the background.
Monika: "Do you love yourself, Seong?"

...Which means spending a whole day on recovering stuff from my iPhone; or rather, what little I can get off an iOS device without resorting to iTunes that isn't already on my PC/server.

Assuming my battery comes on time, I'll be switching back to an Android phone in a day or so.
Which means neck-deep in recovery/ROM/kernel/root flashing on my waiting hand-me-down G3. Fun!

Long story short I have two concurrent Manjaro KDE installs on two systems and they're running great without too much setup.

So now it's that much quicker I can get to Why is Symphonia so much better on Gamecube over the PS3 port? What the hell? I could've been playing a good game for those fifty-odd hours I sunk into the HD version.

Being locked out by faulty(?) 2FA was awkward but I hast returneth.

To everyone's dismay.

So this is awkward.

2FA login doesn't work at all for my account on new logins.

The purist in me goes kind of crazy knowing that Bad Apple!!!! has become the new "it runs DOOM" fad.

Because that's not Bad Apple. That's modern Touhou shit.

grammar pedantry, joke 

I miss Geocities. I wish we had Geocities and no Facebook instead of Facebook and no Geocities.

Also not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I find myself switching between Chromium and Firefox a lot on my laptop. Mostly in the name of power savings, the former seems better except for video streaming; but I've used the latter now since Quantum's release (however long ago that was).

It's good for the industry, yes, but I like being consistent with my browser usage!

Why does video software have this strange fascination with sideways Triforces?

Both Movian/Showtime and Peertube use literally the same Triforce, just with different colors!

y u do dis & dav 

I could've sworn I'd spent an hour typing in app passwords to XBMC.

Out of all the things, why does Windows have a shit WebDAV client, but a usable SMB one? Especially when *everything else*, including the *Original-friggin-Xbox* plays just FINE with DAV?

I sense favoritism.

Pictured: Literally me for the past four days.

Not pictured: hours worth of grief.

Though that NC excursion HAS gotten me into the self-hosted rabbit hole a bit.
I like NextCloud, and especially the NextCloudPi distro for super quick, easy-to-maintain setups. But things like lack of file transfer dialogs and being a bit too bloated for *my* personal desires prevents me from using it.
On the other hand, Seafile's great. Just doesn't have anywhere near as streamlined a setup, but when it works it's pretty darn rad.

I can't use Pi's very well, apparently. 

Pi Day.
Also known as the day when Seong realizes they don't use their Pi's at all anymore.

I own *two* Pi's -- a 2 and a 3B -- and I've yet to use them in one single place for any amount of time longer than a day.

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