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Just your average Seong here. Hopelessly nerdy geek, vidya player, part-time writer, aiming to become some sort of reviewer personality in the (near?) future. Passionate about video games, good and bad alike.

I also stream -- not to any serious degree, but on occasion, if my camera-shyness doesn't kill me first.

Hope to meet some randos with the same obscure interests as I have! Or something like that... is that how these work? Send help.

So why does Nintendo have a fetish for releasing shit directly on, or on the same week as my birthday?

First the Wii U Wind Waker bundle, then the Switch Lite, and now it's like a dozen or more games coming to the Switch and my wallet is currently weeping in the anticipation leading up to it.

And now, nitpick. 

Geekout on SCVI-3 

Geekout on SCVI-2 

Geekout on SCVI-1 

@SeongGino big brain. it's not a typo she's just literally learned to kill with words

As a... *ahem*, life-long fan of this particular character from this particular game series...

this giggles me so hard and I really shouldn't be so easily amused but let me have my fun please.

Phone stuff deux 

Phone stuff 

So out of dumb luck I now own SCVI on Steam and I don't really know how to feel about that.
Or about 3/4 the DLC cast being mainstays from earlier titles what the heck

You're not taking this Pebble away from me until you rip it out of my cold, dead wrists.

If the fediverse was the mafia, what would you call the leader? 

i misread metroidvania as meowtroidvania

i really am a catgirl aren't i

I'm happy we've gotten to the point that games centered around paying off your mortgage is more fulfilling and innocent than the rest of the "Triple AAAaaa..." casino simulators with Basketball/(American) Football/Battle Royale mechanics spliced in.

How's your summers been?

I completely forgot it was summer until it wasn't anymore.

That's how my summer went.

Still waiting on my battery so I can friggin switch back to Android already.
Didn't think I'd get so anxious over this but what the hecc it's been a week for one cell.

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