Kids’ apps be like:

Wanna learn your alphabet? Here’s the first 3 letters for free. You can get up through M by watching ads for bloated Temple Run clones.

Man are there any ethical indie devs out there? Worker coops who don’t crunch and whose games are DRM free?

you're god damn right i'm mad enough to flood your timeline about cloudflare over a 15 minute outage, i am very tired of the many ways that capitalism has hijacked a communications network that stands as one of the most impressive technological human accomplishments and fucking ruined it for profit

Death, sad news 

Today marks the loss of a tremendous thought leader and advocate for social justice. Rest in power, Michael Brooks. You will be sorely missed.

mastodon users be like

01:57am: im so tired i want to die im going to bed now. good night everyone
01:58am: fingers are just less sexy toes

uspol, George Floyd protests, acab 

This shouldn't be surprising to anyone that's been following the #GeorgeFloyd protests, but they knew. The police knew that antifa wasn't a threat. They're deliberately lying in their public statements in order to justify committing violence against innocent people.

hey, the chicago police dept stole a shitton of bikes from folks trying to keep protesters safe at a black indigenous solidarity rally

for a lot of these folks biking is their primary form of transportation and expensive/difficult to replace, so if you can please venmo @chicagobikefund to help them replace em, anything would help

Been up 4 hours and am just now having a sliced-ham-on-a-burger-roll-and-nothing-else sandwich lol

Stop mirroring your Twitter account to the fediverse, especially these retweets of a single picture without any caption or comment.

We used to say the Web had shrunk to four websites where people posted only screenshots from the other three, let's not add a fifth one to that dumpster fire.

If games get more expensive because workers are getting treated better.... they still shouldn't go up, frankly. That should come out of the profits of the publishers who spent decades actively suppressing cheaper and more available games. They can afford it. Fuck 'em.

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Stephen Miller: if Buster was the most casually evil Bluth

"You resurrected my father, prepare to... live?"

Favorite AtLA character: The Boulder. Unbreakable kayfabe

Currently nostalgic for the acoustics of the inside of a shitty sedan that you just got in with two friends about to have a good night

re: long post, cloudflare explanation 

@Kat @noelle but maybe the real IP addresses we needed were the failed regex expressions we made along the way

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