pokémon concept: Spudling, the Tuber Pokémon. evolves into Potate (eight spudling in a trench coat)

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@SapphicGiraffic grass/ground type with an ability like poison spines that gives it a chance to poison on contact

Im also picturing a Pokemon farm where you have to pull them out of the ground???

@Ethancdavenport perhaps!

i'm also imagining like a spidery alternate evo that becomes bug type cuz it's like a potato taken over by parasites, idk, gotta workshop it

@SapphicGiraffic popupa!! If you evolve spudling with a bug type in your party it gets potato bugs and now they live in the hollowed out body of spudling.....

And it evolves into... spudsect? NO


@Ethancdavenport hmm 🤔

gotta get the art department to sketch these up

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