lewd != nude

nudity is not inherently sexual or even suggestive of sexual activity.

conflating nudity with lewd behavior is confusing and stigmatizing. say what you mean and think about what you say.

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@moiety @SapphicGiraffic That depends on your work.

For working in a lab, you should always wear pants, closed shoes (and probably a shirt, though it is not directly specified). Nudity on the lab is not safe.

@eldaking @moiety @SapphicGiraffic Then labeling it Not Safe For Lab would make more sense and be more precise.

Broadly calling nudity NSFW implies that professions where people deal with nudity on a regular base, like sex workers or doctors, aren't considered valid jobs.

@SapphicGiraffic im finnish and non finns always act so fucking weird about us being naked in the sauna. like just not getting that it's not sexual. esp anglos.

@SapphicGiraffic my partners are nudists. And thanks to that, I’m more turned on by them wearing clothes.
This creates many problems with overheating and dehydration.

@DissonantEevee my parents were nudists so it's just how i was raised, like body modesty is barely a thing to me and my wife has to like keep reminding me cuz we live with her parents now. i think that's why they got me a bathrobe for christmas lol

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