5 years ago on this day they added a supporting character to batman who is a trans woman specializing in biology of metahumans (superpowered people) and monsters, and who is also a monsterfucker who fell in love with a redeemed clayface.

the ending to that 2 years of stories was good, clayface lost control but was getting help to help maintain his form so he didn't hurt anyone, the bat family was shattered for a few years (detective comics had been turned into a batman family book for 2 years), and doctor victoria october took clayface away out of gotham so he could heal and recover with her. he hasn't come back or reverted to villainy since which is refreshing, guys don't get happy endings like that too often in comics.

oh yeah my favorite bit about victoria october is that batman kept correspondence with her when she was recovering from GRS but ONLY as batman lol, mfer wrote letters signed batman


@georgespolitzer how're you gonna just not even show off how hot she is? black lipstick all day every day, the hair, that winning smile... iconic

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@SapphicGiraffic oh sorry! just that one panel i posted showed up as a facebook memory because i ran to post it to my friends that there was a trans woman in detective comics lol. but yes her design is so good

@witchfynder_finder @SapphicGiraffic tynion's run on detective comics is so good they based the first post arkham batman game off it lol

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