everyone, please take a moment to join me in thinking about how cute i am.


thank you :2c

it's okay... you can tell me i'm pretty :2c

greetings from all of us here at vampire titty crop sweater aka the reason for the season. i'm your host, jessica 馃鈥嶁檧锔

was feeling bad and took a nap but when i woke up @hammerhead said i looked cute (true) and also that my titties are bangin today, so i have graciously decided to share uwu :giraffic:

@Breakfast @alexpenclaw it can be an aspirational goal. it also helps if have your fursona drawn in an outfit you already own

@shoofle it shrank a little in the wash but i think that just made it more powerful, honestly

@texasred ty, i'm hoping to build an outfit around it soon

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