Breaking: The Atlantic forgot that "history" is a thing that exists.

@RobsteinOne The actual piece is a nasty bit of work, though. Essentially, Cowan and his millionaire co-author want to replace the humanities with “progress studies”, which will involve training the best kind of people to maximise prosperity.

@RobsteinOne (Cowan’s a mate of Jordan Peterson these days, and part of the alt-right adjacent “intellectual dark web”.)

@ghost_bird So it's both bafflingly stupid *and* insidious a.f.

@ghost_bird @RobsteinOne how is it, that these people keep getting so much platform? other than being well connected to millionaires

@meena @RobsteinOne Media likes to promote “controversial” opinions because it flatters their self-image as promoters it free speech, but the establishment is more inclined to see left wing opinions as a threat and punish them as transgressions in various ways. Or to put it another way: it’s safest to be controversial in a way that doesn’t upset the money.

@ghost_bird @RobsteinOne is that why newspapers used to have a wall between the editorial and the advertisers

now there's either no wall, or a paywall, and since i have no money, i cannot verify if the stuff behind paywalls is any better

@meena A subtly different thing, I think. Separating editorial from advertising discourages corruption, which is to say the editors getting money from somewhere other than the proprietors. "The establishment" runs wider than that - proprietors, advertisers, other media, established journalists... even politicians and the police.

@meena ( I read a fascinating essay years ago - on paper, alas - about prosecutions of "unsuitable material" in English penny dreadfuls and children's comics. Turns out you were much more likely to get done for violent or distressing content if your stories were even vaguely progressive.)

@ghost_bird @RobsteinOne there's actually a theory that the mess we're in globally right now can be attributed to exactly this disregard of history, and focus on short term progress by politicians

@meena @RobsteinOne I think they’d make the same claim, but what they mean by “focus on history” is “bringing back the nineteenth century”.

@RobsteinOne feel like a little part of me died reading this horrific Atlantic take

@RobsteinOne The Atlantic is the paper of record for middlebrow shitposting.

@RobsteinOne ughhh "progress" is just a goddamn dogwhistle at this point

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