Let's continue out journey with Jakk Blackdiamond, as he trenches through the world of twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

Come to the place where the winter is never..........I have nothing else to put here. I am about to continue my journey through (That's the post) twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

Doing a Neverwinter stream, fireworks are going off nearby because........-America-? So come join! twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

Let's try this entire thing again lol.

TRYING to set myself up with Streamlabs on my new laptop. Come visit! I'm playing an old favorite on my new laptop! It's twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

NEVERMIND! YEESH! If you buy a game in 2013 and then that game turns into a Freemium gsme, when they come out with DLC....worth the price of the game....that's quite ridiculous.

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Going to actually play a game with a story(?)! Destiny 2's DLC starting NOW! twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

Playing Dogfighter -WW2- whilst probably going to talk about Star Wars Squadron news


Heading to craft some mines in...a dungeon?...but Minecrafty? But.......Dungeons? twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

Deciding to have one of those days where just playing Minecraft Dungeons seems like a good time.


Hitting the skies(TM) with some more DogFighter -WW2-. and maybe later start some Minecraft Dungeons? twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

I just quoted Reading Rainbow in my title. That must mean I'm B A C K in the skies twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

Under the sea.....Under the sea.....OH MY! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! Under the sea. twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

FINALLY! I have something to show you all! The number has finally been reached. twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

Today I dreampt about eating at a restaurant owned by one Gordon Ramsey and he just decided to yell at me the entire time.

Come see me play Dreams, in hopes to make some better Dreams. twitch.tv/rizzplaysgames

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