Mandolorian spoilers 

Fucked up when the kids name turned out to be "fucknuts"

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i will be running a sale in my shop for two weeks, 11/27 - 12/11, for 25% off everything! stock up on stickers, pins, and prints for yourself or for holiday gifts 🖤

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"Your a mean one mr grinch" is a pretty epic takedown of that green bitch. OG diss track

My niece (11) just convinced her mom to buy her a Aheago face hoodie

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The cyberpunk red rulebook is finally out!

Of the 5 ppl who workin my area, 3 of them finagled their way into a day off. Damn i gotta get savvy at this place

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okay anyways i finally got my patch sewn on, can i get a "hell yeah"? @distressedegg

I had another gator dream and you know what that means


Did you know that if you remove the that's from your sentences that usually that will shorten your sentences and that makes them seem more cohesive

Can't wait to spend 35 hours in the character creation screen in the new upcoming 1st person shooter

I watched the new(ish) joker movie finally and it really drives home how much Batman is a fuckin fascist

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