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Its only ginger if it's from the UK, otherwise its just sparkling red heads

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here is our pumpkins!! astrid picked two of the hardest stencils, naturally lmao, but i think they turned out pretty nice!

(trent did the halloween one and i did the cat one)

I slept on my neck weird and now i can't move my head. Broad shoulders hurt actually

Final battle between aang and sozin was really awesome, loved it. Glad i watched the series tbh. Sad it wasn't very long

Wait I'm not considered a young voter anymore? What the fuck

Also all the media i see about avatar deals with either tophs feet or iroh being awesome. And I'm here to say iroh is the best

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Here's some more avatar takes from someone who just got to book 3:

Water bending is cool but Katara is kinda zzz. Except when she cosplayed as the painted lady, that was awesome

Toph is the best modern day bender and I'll hear no dissent

Suki specifically and Warriors of Kyoshi generally are both very cool and also very hot and i want to get beat up by them

The earth king conspiracy thing was out of left field but also pretty interesting

Aang is somehow the most interesting and also most boring character

I'm watching avatar the last airbender for the first time and while i have many takes, the most important one is sokka and kataras dad has big dilf vibes

Werehole: someone who becomes rude during the full moon

They're putting out mandates at my new job saying 55 hour work weeks and uhhhh that's not happening

I've had a lot of acid reflux lately for no reason. It feels like I'm cosplaying a xenomorph

My Goal forv today is to not fall asleep at work

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