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Thanks to @banjofox pre Podcast talk for last night's episodes. Found a pod cast might enjoy that is not Critical Role 😂

Here is a few of the books that I talked about in Episode 6 of Let's the Dice roll -Podcast

Just learned that there is a Persona TTRPG Called “The Velvet Book”. So now I’m off to play Persona 5 for PS4

Another night of podcasting done.

*eyes his bookself of TT Games*


Its almost time to record a podcast. Yay. Stories about Changeling shenanigans.

Sometimes I don't get the reason to make games ridiculously long like 60+ hours long. Specially ones that that have obvious filler content to stretch out time . Mainly thinking about AC: Odyssey. Its to big of a game to be any fun. At least i think so.

This Is a start of something new. At least I hope. More to come later.

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