@RC heck if i had access to a computer room like this you bet your ass i'd be in here a LOT

@RC How dare you say things that are entirely true?

@RC "computer room". So 20th century. For me, every room is a computer room!

@conan *feigning anger* Actually that is Lipurina's own personal language she's reading. The lore in this show in very important!

@RC @conan nice I didn't know that Lipurina invented wingdings

@zetasyanthis it's from MAPS an OVA from 94 & 95. It's pretty average, but aesthetic as heck!

@RC /me points at deadly pandemic outside.

This is my vault. I shall not leave.

Hello, how did you add the image description? I always use IPTC tags, but Mastodon removed them. Is there any way to keep the tags?

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