I'm really happy that technocapitalism hasn't corrupted books as much as other media.

We don't have novels as a service. Written stories don't want anything from you other than your attention.

We have plenty of written media that is just out there in the public domain ready for reading and the best way to get the most titles is a goddamn library.

And yes I know amazon and the like do some fucked up shit with their book licenses. But the huge public domain and depth of libraries helps keep that bullshit in check.

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@RC The popular conception of books since the 80s as "boring" is the best thing that could have happened to the written word

@witchfynder_finder yesssss. Books got called boring, normal folks fucked off and then books started getting really fucking weird.

@RC House of Leaves never could've been written if normies were still reading

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